SKI DAY #50!!! – Solitude Ski Modeling

Tuesday February 11th, following some great weekend skiing, I got the invite from Tim Roberts to shoot some photos and video at Solitude. We spend the morning hiking and skiing Evergreen and Summit. We got some great shots on the usually sun-crusted slopes of EGP.

Here’s Tim’s video from that day. Viewer beware!!! Lots of slo-mo shots of me skiing.

Then Tim convinced me to jump off a cliff just outside the resort boundary. I’ve hit it a few times before, but wasn’t sure how buried the rocks underneath would be with a below average snowpack. Until skiing with Conrad a couple days before, I hadn’t jumped off of anything big since tearing my MCL last season. I decided to test it and got a pretty sweet shot thanks to Tim and Brian, Solitude’s social media manager.

Photo: Brian Thurber

Photo: Brian Thurber

I finished the day with some fun laps in Honeycomb. Then headed back to work. Great day.

Ski Day #49

I left work around noon to ski what was left of the storm at Canyons Resort. I skied a lap on 9900, stopping to take a photo with photographer Bekah Stevens. Rob and I then spent the rest of the day looking for future powder stashes off the Condor Lift. We found a couple and managed to take a couple hammed up powder shots.

Rob Lea getting #pitted, kind of

Rob Lea getting #pitted, in this photo, not really in real life though

Oh and that photo I took with Bekah wound up the “Canyons Photo of the Day.” NBD.


Ski Day #48 – Getting Rad With Conrad At Solitude

It snowed for a couple days and I blew off work to ski the morning with Conrad and friends. I only get a few days a year to ski with Conrad. I’m old enough now that I don’t know if my body can handle any more than that anyways.

Conrad skis pow!

Conrad skis pow!

We spent the morning getting first tracks all over the mountain. Then we started jumping off things. I was slightly relieved when it was time for me to head back to work for my 2pm shift. I was sore for a week.

Ski Day #47 / Ski Edit #6 – After Work Honeycomb… Wait It Closes At 3?!?

I finished my Friday shift at 1:45pm and took off to storm ski some new snow at Solitude. I got to Summit lift and instead of dropping into Honeycomb Canyon, I went for a quick lap on Cathedral.

Summit Chair at Solitude

Summit Chair at Solitude

By the time I had reached the top of Summit for a second lap, patrol had closed the gates to Honeycomb. I was forced to ski the trees on Headwall Forest until the lifts closed at 4pm. Lesson learned.

Also, after recording my day with my helmet cam lens rotated 90 degrees, I learned to always check the position of the lens on your Contour after letting your wife use the camera to record her backcountry run with a pole cam. A lesson I think most of us can relate to.

2013-2014 – Ski Edit #4: Best 6 Inch Storm Ever!!!!!!

A storm forecast of 16″ never materialized and I was quick to write off the storm as a dud. With a morning off and having already commited to hiking some backcountry, Sam, Brandon and I set off for Canyons. We were rewarded with the deepest 4″ storm ever.

With another couple of inches overnight, we went back the following day in order to tour a little further into the backcountry. Again we were rewarded with a sunny pow day. One of the best days of the season so far.

Ski Day #46

Storm totals reached six inches before the the skies turned bluebird and a large Powder Posse assembled for a backcountry tour from Canyons. We skied a couple laps on West Monitor before finishing the day with a run down Powder Puff.

Powder Posse!

Powder Posse!

Powder Puff!

Powder Puff!

Beautiful bluebird day, a fun crew, and up to a foot of blower pow. Definitely a day to remember.


2013-2014 Ski Edit #3 – Best 4 Inch Storm Ever!

¬†Feb 4th, 2014. A 16 inch forecast produced only four inches of new snow at Canyons. Despite the “dud” storm mostly missing the Wasatch, Brandon, Sam and I went for a few hikes in the Canyons Backcountry.

I think we were all a little shocked when we took turns dropping in on the deepest 4″ storm in recent memory.

We skied two great laps on Dutch, before ending the day with a lap through the Soul Patch trees. Then I threw this video together for anyone who had missed another great day of skiing here in Utah.

Ski Day #45

A big storm underproduced according to the snow reports, but Sam, Brandon and I made our way into the backcountry via Canyons Resort. The four inches of new snow skied a lot deeper than expected and we had a phenomenal powder day in the backcountry.

Sam getting #pitted in "four inches"

Sam getting #pitted in “four inches”