My Newest Skis (still unmounted): Head Carlos 125

Head Carlos 125 191cm (146-125-135. 32m turn radius)


Description: Rockin’ in deep snow requires the right instrument. Introducing the Carlos: 125mm of big, fat flotation underfoot, full rocker camber, and a 32m turn radius for straightlining the gnarliest of the gnar. This ski begs to be driven (191cm), no spectators wanted. Maximum flotation and top speed are at the top of this rocker’s set list.

I picked these up on Steep and Cheap for $195. Couldn’t really pass it up at that price. I’m hoping these will replace the Scott P4 and the Volkl Gotama in my lineup. It’s a regular cambered ski like the P4, but at 125mm underfoot, has more width for improved floatation than the both the P4 and the Gotama. It’s stiffer than my Line 130’s, so better for landings, and for going fast.

(I’m also working on hopefully replacing my touring setup with this ski, but we’ll have to wait and see on that…)