Because we missed out on the last one, I have another business proposal for you guys:

Colorado’s largest snowcat skiing operation for sale for less than average Denver home – Denver Post

Colorado’s largest backcountry snowcat skiing operation is for sale for the discounted price of $225,000.

Bob and Carrie Rule’s San Juan Ski Co. operates in 36,000 permitted acres, making it not just the largest in Colorado but the second largest in the country. With 20 feet to 30 feet of annual snow blanketing its massive zone, it’s also one of the snowiest ski locales in the state. The operation was first posted for sale last winter at $375,000. Lots of nibbles, but no bites since.

The Business

The San Juan Ski Company (SJSC) has a blog that outlines what a potential buyer would be getting for $225,000.

  • 36,000 acres. Permit is issued through 2020. Renewal is free.
  • Winter us only permit is for 750 days of snowcat skiing, sightseeing and overnight trips.
  • 4 snowcats ( 2 passenger cats, 1 work cat, 1 winch cat).
  • 1 2009 4X4 15-person van with mat tracks.
  • 10 snowmobiles (Arctic Cat 2000-2010 models)
  • medical gear, toboggans
  • 24 plus BCA beacons, shovels and shovel packs.
  • One Type ll explosive magazine & avalauncher.
  • 3 shelters
    • 16×20 weatherport shelter.
    • 16X16 portable wooden hut.
    • 16X16 Maintenance building
  • 2 wood stoves
  • 2 – 500 gallon fuel tanks
  • 1 3500 kw generator.
  • misc tools and equipment
  • misc marketing stuff

How awesome would it be to run a snow cat operation with some friends?

Durango, Colorado

SJSC is 20 miles or so from Durango, Colorado. 20 miles from Silverton. Two hours from Telluride. Less than 350 miles from Denver. And 400 miles from Salt Lake City.

Durango also has an airport with direct flights to Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Dallas.  That’s a combined 15 million people within a direct flight and a 20 minute drive from SJSC.

Annual snowfall appears to be in the 240-360″ range. Less than the nearby areas Silverton and Wolf Creek, but potentially more than most major Colorado resorts.

Oh, and Durango looks pretty amazing too! Skiing, kayaking, biking, bars, a local college, and fairly affordable real estate for a mountain town.

The Skiing 

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